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- 10GB - 


10GB is a team of 10 Ginormous Barbarous, We are among the world most experts into the cyber intrusions & hacking investigation field.
And that is why we have been selected for the second time in row to lead the one of the most noticeable hacking intrusions investigation against a state member of UN in 2017!
And as usual, we didn’t rest until we get the case fully resolved.
Our professional performance makes us among a few organization being recognized by several intelligence agencies such as them PST {Norway},  Säpo {Sweden}, CIA {USA} and MI6 {UK}
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We currently serve ONLY Governments who have been subjected to cyber intrusions
and they wants to pursue the incident criminally or civilly.
     We have offices in Doha, Oslo, Istanbul and Alicante.  A contact location will be provided in the reply.
This server does not contain any sensitive data.       @ 2012 - 2018 10GB Ltd.